5 Most Important Changes You Can Make

Limit Air Travel

When you can, avoid flying. If you can’t, it is better to fly economy and direct, without stops.
Finally, don’t forget to carbon offset your journey. For more information, see Air Travel in our Travel section.

Eat Less Meat

Changing your diet so you are eating less meat, particularly beef and lamb, can have a huge impact on your carbon footprint. Try introducing more meat-free days. For more information, see Food & Cooking in our
At Home section.

Reduce Energy

Investing in insulation and double glazing, replacing an old boiler and using low energy light bulbs all helps reduce your energy consumption and bills. For more ways to reduce your energy bills, see our
At Home section.

Drive Less

Aim to drive less and try alternatives like walking, cycling, public transport, car sharing and working from home. When you next change your car, consider going electric. For more information, see our Travel section.

Consume Less

Simply buying less stuff will lower your carbon emissions and reduce waste, particularly when it comes to clothes and food. Being a conscientious shopper can also make a huge difference. For more tips, see our Shopping section.