Alresford’s Lend and Tend Garden Sharing Scheme

Do you have space in your garden that you don’t use? Maybe you’re struggling to keep up with your garden due to a busy life or ill health?

If you’re a garden owner you could Lend your garden through Garden-Share.

Are you a keen grower but don’t have your own garden? Maybe you are on the waiting list for an allotment?

You could Tend a garden nearby.

Garden-Sharing Scheme

Alresford Lend and Tend is a volunteer-led project by New Leaf Alresford, which aims to connect like-minded, kind people who want to share gardens; both those without gardens and those who have gardens but want to share them.

Registering your interest to share a garden is voluntary and doesn’t cost anything (although donations are hugely appreciated), but it doesn’t guarantee that a Patch-Match is immediately possible.

Lend your garden if you are willing to share it, or sign up to Tend to a garden if you would like to share someone else’s. You will be contacted when there’s a potential Patch-Match.

If you need more information about sharing safely, please look at the Scheme Ground Rules and Safety Guidance below.

How to apply?

If you are interested in being a lender or a tender please email us to register for the garden sharing scheme. Provide as much relevant information about yourself as possible when you apply, so we can find you a suitable Patch-Match. There is no obligation for you to disclose personal information, for example a disability, however, it could help us find an accurate Patch-Match if we know you need any special considerations i.e regarding access.

Once you’ve signed up to garden share, it may take time for a suitable Lender or Tender match to become available so we would appreciate your patience.

We respect your private details and we will not, without your consent, share your personal information with any third parties for the purpose of marketing.


We will provide email and telephone contact details for your Patch-Match. We recommend exchanging emails and speaking on the phone before you decide whether to meet.

We suggest that you initially meet your Patch-Match with a friend when going to a garden for the first time. The same goes for inviting people to your garden, have someone to host with you. Your friend can always help you suss out if garden sharing is going to be right for you.

Neither the Alresford Lend and Tend scheme nor its volunteers hold any responsibility for any loss or damage to any property, hurt or injury to any individuals, animals or yourself.

For your protection and safety, it is advised that you seek professional advice from your insurers to ensure you have sufficient insurance to cover any losses or damages to any persons or any property, including yourself and your own.

We suggest a 2 – 4 week trial with your Lend and Tend Patch-Match. If all goes well, discuss your availability at that point, so you can commence your garden sharing project.


Lend and Tend Agreements

It is advised that Lending Garden owners and Tending Garden users draw up agreements prior to Lending or Tending. Alresford Lend and Tend provides a template to help with this. An agreement should detail visitation rules, garden plans, Lender and Tender expectations, project objectives that both parties intend to honour, and how long your garden sharing terms last, and should be signed by both parties.

Who pays for tools, garden plants and seeds?

It’s between Lender and Tender to decide who buys garden related paraphernalia. Most Lenders have a few tools already (e.g. a mower) but most importantly, ensure all tools and machinery are in safe working order.

If your garden Tender wants to cultivate particular plants that you don’t currently have, any new plant purchases should be discussed, including who will be responsible for their cost.

Many garden Tenders buy their own seeds for fruit, veg and herbs, but plants like permanent perennials that Lenders will enjoy for many years to come, could be paid for by the garden Lender.

Be mindful of the garden Lender’s express wishes and make sure your gardening plans are discussed together.

Scheme Ground Rules and Safety Guidance

  1. Lenders and Tenders should be over the age of 18.
  1. Garden Lenders, it’s up to you – how, when and to whom you Lend your garden.
  1. Garden Tenders, it’s up to you – how, when and to whom you Tend to a garden.
  1. Lend and Tend gardeners are not under any obligation to provide garden Lenders with permanent gardening service(s) for any limited time, other than what the garden ‘Tender’ and a ‘Lender’ mutually agree privately. Nor do garden Tenders have access to garden Lender’s property without prior arranged consent.
  1. Garden Lenders, please ensure your garden is free from any obstructions or materials that could cause harm i.e. glass amongst digging beds, or if you believe there may be harmful materials like asbestos present, please take professional advice if you are unsure. Make sure that all tools and garden equipment are safe to use.
  1. Garden Tenders, if you are unsure about using gardening equipment, consult product guides or a professional and if in doubt do not use hazardous equipment. Wear protective clothing such as goggles, gloves and knee pads where necessary.