Campaigning & Volunteering


The most effective and far reaching changes to tackle the climate crisis need to be taken at national level. Emailing your councillors, MP or large companies such as supermarket chains and food manufacturers is an important way to bring about change. 

Businesses need to hear where they are failing to meet the changing needs of their customers. Let them feel the heat!

Emailing Supermarkets

In your email you might want to cover the following points:

Why it’s important to you.
The changes you want to see. 

These might include:

  • The option to buy loose fruit and vegetables free from plastic packaging.
  • The option to reuse your own containers when buying meat and dry foods.
  • Replacement of plastic packaging with more sustainable or more easily recycled alternatives.
  • Choice of foods, beauty and cleaning products that either don’t contain palm oil or contain palm oil from a sustainable source.

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Environmental Campaigning Groups

Joining a local or national environmental campaigning group is a good way to keep up to date with the latest information and useful tips. It also helps support the work these groups undertake. 

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There are many voluntary roles offering opportunities to help the environment.