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Face Matters SkinHealth Studio

We spoke to Sally Curson about her Alresford based business Face Matters, and her SkinHealth Studio, and this is what she told us….

I’ve been a beauty therapist for over 30 years and began specialising in facials around 7 years ago.  My studio is above Wildbunch florists on West Street and essentially it’s a gym, but for your face!

I began experimenting with skin care ingredients to calm and heal my own skin when I was suffering with severe stress related rosacea. I used what I had learnt to launch the original Face Matters in 2014. A branding agency in London became involved and the products became extremely over-packaged with boxes, liners, leaflets and cellophane wrap. The glass containers and silver lids were imported from Italy and were incredibly expensive even before they were frosted and etched. The cost for all of this was huge and meant the RRPs were very high.

Last year I decided I wanted to simplify the product and bring the brand back to being true to myself and what I believe in, without compromising on the quality of the product. For me it’s all about the quality of the ingredients in the jar that matters, not the packaging and the marketing budget. I re-branded, dispensed with ALL unnecessary packaging, and reverted to simple recycled glass containers – resulting in a significant drop in costs which I was able to pass on to the customer. We also massively reduced our carbon footprint at the same time.

The provenance of the ingredients contained in our formulations is integral to our whole brand. Our products are made from natural and certified organic plant extracts, many of which are fair trade and sourced from small farms and producers. Each ingredient is assessed to ensure that it is totally pure. We do not use parabens, microbeads, sodium laurel sulphates, palm oil or any mineral oils and our products are all made near Bridport in Dorset. Our manufacturers are inspected annually by the Soil Association, who audit the ingredient trail from the farm to the finished product. Sourcing premium quality ingredients ensures that our skincare products will benefit both the customer and the environment. Our plant-based ingredients are naturally biodegradable and do not cause harm to the waterways or to aquatic life.

Face Matters is a sustainable and ethical brand all the way through, from farming and harvesting to manufacturing and shipping. My products are cruelty free – rather than testing on animals they are tested on humans in Hampshire!