Getting Started

People often assume that making changes to help the planet is difficult, but many of the changes you can make involve either doing less or absolutely nothing. We tend to think it will be more expensive, but many of the changes actually save us money. Some changes require an initial investment but will save us money in the long-run. We all have very different lives, different homes and different work arrangements. Choose the changes that fit with you and your life.

The most important thing is to take the first step and get started, because the sooner we do, the better chance we have of limiting the impact climate change will have on ourselves and future generations.

1. Start your journey by looking at The 5 Most Important Changes you can make.

2. Try our New Leaf Health Check to help identify the best areas for you to make positive changes.

3. Or you can print off the New Leaf Checklist, stick it on your fridge door and tick them off as you go.

Don’t try to achieve all the changes in one go. Choose some you think you can achieve and which work for you. Try to pick a mixture of some harder and some easier changes, then put them into action. Once you have achieved these changes and they become part of your everyday life, come back to the site and choose some more.

If you’re worried this is too difficult, we’ve made it easier for you. Everything you need to help you make the changes is at your fingertips in the Changes you can make section of the New Leaf website, which also identifies many more easy ways to shrink your carbon footprint and reduce your plastic dependency.

Look out for
£££  For changes that will save you money
ZZZ  For changes that involve doing less or absolutely nothing!
***   For changes that have a high long-term impact

5 Most Important Changes

5 changes you can make that will have the most impact on your carbon footprint.

New Leaf Health Check

16 questions to find out how green you are and help you identify areas where you can do more.

New Leaf Checklist

A helpful checklist of changes you can make.