Grow it Yourself Tips – 15th March 2020

If you are looking to grow soft fruits such as raspberries and gooseberries (hinnonmaki red is recommended), the best time to plant is from early November until the end of March.

Check different varieties so see which are best for early, mid and late fruiting. They will only need pruning once a year, so they are very low maintenance and will supply you with beautiful fruit for years to come.

For the strawberry lovers, plants can be bought now and will fruit for around three years. They also send off runners that can be repotted, so you can always have new plants. In theory you will never have to buy a strawberry plant again! The Albion strawberry is described as ‘ever bearing’ and produces fruit for longer than other varieties.

Tomato feed will help your fruiting plants flourish. Soil should be rich and well drained, so it’s a good idea to add plenty of organic matter. All these fruiting plants enjoy plenty of sunshine, and they can be grown in containers.

No more plastic punnets, and surplus fruit that can be frozen – what’s not to love!

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