New Leaf Spotlight on…


Juniper is a cheerful and inviting little packaging free shop on Lavant Street in Petersfield, which opened in December 2020. They stock almost everything you might need in your household cupboards – from rice, porridge oats, chickpeas, chocolate and dried mango to washing-up liquid, floor soap, bubble-bath and face creams. Most of Juniper’s goods are certified as organically produced.

Vickie and Victoria are motivated by a conviction that we can each make a positive contribution to reducing the alarming and unnecessary damage that plastic waste is doing to our natural environment and our health. Customers can bring their own containers, jars, bottles and bags to refill (anything will do), or they can buy reusable, refillable containers from the shop. Alternatively, they can use one of the home-compostable paper bags or use pre-owned, washed, donated bottles and containers from the store room.

Victoria’s drive to open Juniper came from a desire to be able to do a regular household shop locally, conveniently and most importantly package free. With a background in outdoor education and a love of being outdoors in a healthy, thriving, natural environment she has been keen to do more to protect and improve our precious planet now and for future generations. Vickie’s The Real Bread and Food Company, based in Froxfield, has been making sourdough bread using organically grown ingredients for 8 years. Using renewable energy to power the ovens and delivery van, environmental responsibility in food production has always been a core driver. Having sold loaves through a number of very supportive Petersfield shops, cafes and restaurants, The Real Bread and Food Company now has the perfect premises and business partnership to sell direct. Long term friendship and shared values have brought Vickie and Victoria together with a common goal of making package free, high quality, sustainable shopping available in Petersfield.

When choosing suppliers Vickie and Victoria consider general carbon footprint, distance travelled, fair-trade status, ethical business practices and other relevant factors. Many of their stockists achieve a circular economy, meaning they collect (or Juniper send back) empty containers and refill them for the shop, ensuring minimal waste. Household and bathroom liquid suppliers, Miniml and Greenscents, send 20L containers which Juniper dispense liquids from and once empty they are sent back to the suppliers to be sanitised and reused. The same system is used with corn snacks, honey and olive oil.

All bathroom products have been produced with detailed care and attention to their ingredients and packaging. ‘Scence’ deodorants are packed in cardboard which is home-compostable and ‘nope’ shampoo has no packaging at all.  By choosing shampoo and conditioner bars supplied by ‘nope’, Juniper customers opted out of 29 single-use plastic bottles in the first 30 days of trading!

Food supplies are delivered in paper packaging where possible and when plastic is used for oily or sticky foods such as nuts and dried fruit the suppliers take back the plastic bags to be recycled. Most of our suppliers reuse cardboard boxes and packaging which we in turn reuse for click and collect or customer’s purchases in store.

Vickie and Victoria know that things change, so they are always looking for updates and news about existing and new suppliers in the market. They are keen to gather customer feedback in this area and have a notice board in the shop for suggestions and comments. We hope that the shop will continue to grow so that they can offer plastic free shopping to more and more people in the future!

Juniper is open Tuesday to Saturday 10am to 4pm. To make shopping easier they offer click and collect, or customers can drop a shopping list and their containers and orders will be packed ready for collection. They also offer home delivery and encourage customers to contact them to discuss this.