Lemon & Coriander Hummus

Lemon & Coriander Hummus

Makes 400g


1 lemon
4 tbsp water/bean water
1 x 400g tin chickpeas
2 tbsp olive oil
1 small garlic clove
10g fresh coriander
2 tsbp tahini black pepper, to taste
¾ tsp salt, more to taste


  1. Cut the lemon in half and squeeze juice into a food processor, catching any pips.
  2. Drain and rinse chickpeas, peel the garlic (or preferably use roasted garlic).
  3. Blitz chickpeas, garlic, tahini, salt, water and olive oil. If possible remove the blade.
  4. Pick leaves off the coriander and stir into the hummus.
  5. Taste and season.