Welcome to New Leaf Alresford

Welcome to the New Leaf website and a very ‘Happy New Year’.

What better time could there be than the start of a new decade to turn over a new leaf and try to make some changes to help tackle the climate emergency, the threats posed to us and the planet by plastic use, air pollution and dwindling water resources.

The New Leaf project started back in May 2019 when a group of us responded to a post on the town Facebook page asking if there were members of the community who felt we should be doing more to help the environment. It turns out there were. A flurry of comments and suggestions followed and the New Leaf Alresford Facebook page was born, then continued to grow in numbers as the year progressed.

One thing we quickly realised was knowing where to start, where to focus our efforts and how to make positive changes isn’t always easy. Individuals were sharing local knowledge of recycling schemes and the efforts some local companies are making to offer more sustainable services, but we identified a need for all this information to be gathered in one place, making it easier for those trying to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle.

Forum Media & Design stepped up and generously offered their skills and expertise to help build a website, and a core group has been working in their spare time to research, write and provide the content. We would very much like to thank Rob and Mark and Forum Media for their time and patience with those of us less ‘tech savvy’, we couldn’t have got to this point without you!

We would also like to thank Adam Begbie, Margot Power and Yvette Riley, as well as the New Leaf Facebook members for any contributions that have been included in the content of the website.