It’s All Good Eco

Alresford is very fortunate to have its very own eco shop. ‘It’s All Good Eco’ sells planet friendly products for personal and household use as well as ethical giftware. The shop is open at the ‘The Arlebury Cafe’ every Friday as well as exhibiting its wares at local shows and events.

We talked to the owner Kirshanda, about what motivated her to start the business and the products she has available to replace some of those ‘single use plastics’. In her own words…

I reached a watershed moment back in 2018. I experienced a period of ill health when I became much more conscious of the relationship between health and wellbeing, and our diet and environment. Around the same time I watched a number of programmes focusing on how we are abusing our planet. I made the decision to rid our house of single use plastics (the battle still goes on today) and to eat as organically and locally sourced as possible.

I decided to tackle the house room by room and started with the bathroom as there were obvious changes that could be made here. I replaced plastic tubes with jars of toothpaste and deodorant in tins. Plastic toothbrushes were replaced with bamboo and I switched to plastic/glue free toilet rolls.
I soon discovered that research is very time consuming.

Through talking to others, I realised people often wanted to make changes but, due to their busy lives, were not able to do the research and remained unaware of the everyday alternatives available.

I had always wanted a business of my own (well a shop really, but this was not an affordable option!) so I had the idea of a ‘shop’ that travels, one that I could take to shows/ events/ fetes. A shop where people could buy items, confident and reassured that they had been carefully researched and were environmentally friendly, ethical products. The best part of what I do is getting out and meeting people; the website supports the shop, providing customers with the convenience of ordering online.

My aim is to support other small businesses and I try to source products produced by local and UK based companies. Stock is carefully selected to ensure, wherever possible, the products contain organic ingredients, recycled materials and are cruelty free. I sell coffee cups made from used coffee cups and plant labels and bird feeders made from plant pots and car tyres, among many others.

When I can’t find products made in the UK, I try to source ‘fair trade’ products. The incense and shopping bags I stock support local communities in India, for example.

It is important to me that my goods are doing good!! Not just for the planet but in a charitable capacity too. I sell a particular deodorant because the supplier donates money to marine conservation. My toothbrush orders each result in a tree being planted and a share of the profits from the toilet rolls I supply supports sanitation projects in the developing world.

I encourage a return to simple living and supply ingredients for homemade cleaning products. Cleaning products are easy to make from bicarbonate of soda, vinegar and citric acid. I also supply large volume containers of everyday cleaning products to dispense yourself at home, which reduces waste.

I have a stall at the Arlebury café on a Friday from 10am to 1pm. Through my website I offer delivery to Alresford and surrounding areas either in person or via Royal Mail. You can visit my Facebook or Instagram for information on fetes and events I will be attending, or I can attend events on request.

Any planet-friendly changes people make in their homes and everyday lives are beneficial to the environment. I am not trying to pressure people but simply demonstrate and encourage simple everyday changes everyone can make to be kinder to our planet. Being mindful of how we shop and what we consume is surely a good thing?