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Alresford Linen Company

We visited Alresford Linen Company and talked to Stephen and Ailie, alongside their supplier Katie (from Village Green), to find out what steps the business is taking to be greener. 

The laundry service is at the heart of the business, so that was the first element to consider. Stephen told us that their dry cleaning process avoids the use of tetrachloroethylene (or perc) which, although widely used in the industry, is considered to be both a health and environmental hazard. Instead, they use gentler hydrocarbon solvents. 

The next aspect of the laundry service to consider was collection and packaging. Customers can ask that their laundry is returned to them plastic free, and are invited to return any hangers to be reused. Currently, the business is continuing to use up its existing stock of poly wrap for suits, but once stocks have been depleted they will switch to reusable fabric covers. Behind the scenes, they also separate recyclable from general waste for separate collection.

To complement their laundry service, Alresford Linen Company offers zero waste ‘refill’ laundry products, provided by Village Green. Katie told us that every effort has been made to ensure that Village Green products truly are as ‘green’ as possible. She has designed and produced range of simple and stylish reusable bottles made from environmentally friendly materials and printed in Hampshire using organic dyes. 

Village Green offers a huge range of Sesi household and personal products at their base in Herriard. At Alresford Linen Company you will find hand soap, washing up liquid, laundry liquid and fabric conditioner. Sesi is a not-for-profit company based in Oxford. They were one of the pioneers of a ‘circular economy’ and early advocates of ethically sourced products, and all their products are vegan, cruelty free, biodegradable and as low impact as possible. They don’t use ‘exotic’ plant fragrances or polluting phosphates, and they are zero waste: collecting, cleaning and reusing all their containers. 

Buy your first reusable glass bottle, which comes pre-filled. When you start to run low, simply buy a refillable 5 litre container to replenish your supply. Once the 5 litre container is empty it can be returned to the shop, and Katie will collect, clean, refill and return. The larger 20 litre containers she uses to restock are also part of a circular economy.

Alresford Linen Company also offers coffee, but they no longer provide takeaway cups. You are welcome to sit down in the shop to enjoy your drink, bring in your own reusable cup, or purchase one of the keep cups they now have in stock. They also sell metal straws and flasks.

The shop now opts for ‘naked’ cards (without wrap) where possible, and offers eco friendly products such as their beautiful recycled glass lamps (with shades made in Bishops Sutton) and items from The Botanical Candle Company, who are based in Dorset where they create their 100% soy wax candles, prioritising minimalizing their environmental impact and ensuring plastic free packaging.
Our thanks to Stephen, Ailie and Katie for allowing us to shine the New Leaf Spotlight on a valued Alresford business and service!

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