Free Trees & Hedging


The ‘Free Trees & Hedging’ scheme is now closed. As a result of the scheme, 475 hedge and tree plants have been planted in the Alresford area. Our thanks go to Mill Farm Trees for the donating the tree and hedge plants. If you received plants and wish to make a donation use the donate button on the Alresford Pigs website and the reference ‘Trees’.

If you missed out,  Mill Farm Trees are open at present to take larger orders via mail-order, or as pre-orders for next Autumn, through their website. The website has information on the varieties of trees and hedging available.


Mill Farm Trees, based in Cheriton, are a wholesale supplier of hedging and native trees. The Farm has kindly donated a few hundred bare-root trees and hedging plants, to be offered to the community free of charge.

The donated plants vary between approximately 30-90cm and need to go in the ground urgently, within the next month, or alternatively potted on to be planted out next Winter.

Whilst the hedging would be suitable for gardens, the trees are varieties better suited to larger spaces than the average back garden.

New Leaf members are retaining a few trees to hopefully use for community planting in the future. A New Leaf Alresford member has kindly offered to distribute the remaining trees and hedging to anyone who can make use of them. We have:

• 150 Hawthorn
• 25 Blackthorn
• 40 Dogwood
• 25 Buckthorn
• 25 Privet

The recommended planting strategy for hedging plants is 4 or 5 per metre, so if they are wanted for this purpose please bear this in mind.

• 20 Field Maple (can also be used for hedging)
• 18 Oak
• 20 Lime
• 5 Poplar

The trees and hedging are offered free of charge and there is no obligation to make a donation but for those who do wish to make a contribution, the farm has proposed that people donate to the Alresford Pigs using the ‘donate’ button on the Alresford Pigs website . Please use the reference “<Person’s name> , Trees”.

If you have the space and can make use of some trees or hedging please email us from the ‘Contact Us‘ page or use the link at the bottom of this page, detailing your address and the plants you would like.

Please note:

  • Minimum order is 10 plants
  • Plants will be allocated on a first come first served basis
  • We will try to accommodate requests but cannot guarantee that you will receive your first choice

Volunteers will be wearing gloves and will leave the plants in a sensible location at the property. Volunteers will avoid any physical contact with anyone and minimise contact with any surfaces, handles, etc whilst observing all social distancing guidelines.