Plastic Bottles & Containers (including Pots & Trays)

Kerbside Collection

You can recycle plastic bottles through the collection service using Winchester City Council’s green recycling bin. Only plastic bottles made from either type 1 (PET) or type 2 (PE-HD) are accepted.

Please ensure recycling is empty and clean and remove any tops, caps and pump dispensers. 

Plastic Pots Tubs & Trays

These are not accepted by the kerbside recycling collection service as they cannot be successfully sorted at the recycling plant. 

Mixed Plastics Banks accept:

Margarine Tubs

Ice Cream Tubs

Confectionary Tubs

Rigid Plastic food packets

Yoghurt Pots

Location :-

Sadly we have lost our closest mixed plastics recycling banks at Sainsbury’s in Badgers Farm. There are several new locations in and around Portsmouth, which you can read more about HERE.

Plastic containers can also be reused around the house for everything from storing leftovers, planting seedlings, keeping toys tidy or storing nails in the garage.

Plastic lids can be recycled through alternative schemes – see the section for Plastic Lids.

Plastic bags and film can be recycled locally – see sections Plastic Bags and Plastic Film.